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Since our inception in 2009, BOTH, has been totally focused on building a back office services business to make our client's lives easier by taking people and administrative burdens off their plates.

In order to uncomplicate and make life easier for our clients, BOTH was established to be a local administrative service point and  back office services provider for companies establishing a presence and operating a business in the UAE. 


The journey has been epic ever since our beginning being only a PRO and government liaison services provider.  BOTH has organically evolved into a well established and widely recognized company providing outsourced back office services and a professional employer organization (PEO).  We have stayed true to our commitment of client focussed service delivery, from setting up, operating a business to facilitating immigration, employment and residency in the UAE.

Whether you are an international company considering to establish a presence in the UAE or are already an established company, BOTH offers a full and comprehensive suite of back office or a selection of individual services, to address specific administrative and HR needs.  These services are designed to meet the demands and challenges of your growing business. From helping you stabilize costs to providing a proven HR and administrative infrastructure with alternative employment solutions, we help you avoid costly and timeconsuming inefficiencies through every stage of your business.

BOTH has its head office in Abu Dhabi and a branch office in Dubai.


Executive Board

Saeed Ghanim
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Saeed is Vice President of Middle East General Enterprises (MGE), the family office of the Ghanim Family.  Saeed is chairman of the BOTH Board of Directors.

Anna Heystek
Managing Partner 
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Anna is an Organization Development specialist and a business women who left the corporate world in 2007 to start her own consulting business in the UAE. 

Anna is a Director and board member of BOTH.

Alan O'Donnell
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Alan’s background is in the Investment Banking sector and owner of many entrepreneurial businesses in the UAE. 

Alan is a Director and board member of BOTH.

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